Sara Heppner’s passion for creative communication comes from a lifetime of formal artistic training, deep listening and belief in the need for connection. Founded in 1992, her company, Saragrafix, launched as a graphic design studio. Later, Sara embraced mural design to satisfy her creative hunger and merged her varied experience into graphic facilitation in 2004. As a graphic recorder and facilitator, Sara captures the essence of group dialogue in a highly visual format thereby enhancing communication, inspiring creativity and enabling co-creation.

Visuals cross all barriers… they allow us to understand our differences and discover our sameness.

— Sara Heppner yellow play icon

Sara is driven by partnering with groups to enable them to think and act on a human level, in their personal lives, their professional environments and in the world at large. Her focus is on working with organizations that strive to bring socio-economic, ecological and spiritual well-being into the world.  Sara is a member of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners, a faculty member of The Academy for Systems Change and a founding member of Magnolia Moonshot 2030, a women’s initiative to create a world where all can flourish.

By focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion, Sara believes that together, we can make the world a better place.

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