Graphic Facilitation

Capturing the Essence of the Story

Sara transforms dialogue into meaningful graphics to help clients maximize the effectiveness of their meetings. Using keywords, metaphor and colour she creates visuals that provide clarity while nurturing participation, retention, creativity and communication among participants. Graphic facilitation develops visual narratives that broaden clients’ understanding of the issues and help them to move forward.

Graphic facilitation works because…

Sara’s approach to graphic facilitation is through the lens of a visual storyteller. Her ability to peel back the layers and translate the essence of our stories into images empowers us to create new paradigms with clarity and integrity.

Graphic Facilitation


As dialogue unfolds, Sara accompanies participants on a listening journey as she synthesizes the main themes . By listening for ALL the stories in the room, the said and the unsaid, Sara creates a full picture of the gathering.


Virtual graphic facilitation connects participants in a sensorial way, allowing them to build shared meaning. It adds movement, creativity and the human touch to the more static digital experience.


Graphics are an effective tool to communicate complex data and ideas. Sara creates engaging illustrations that simplify information so clients can share their stories in a succinct and exciting way.

Sara has had the pleasure of working with...

Sara adds clarity and depth in a very powerful manner

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sara in very different environments – from formal gatherings, to brainstorming sessions, to strategic planning and development. In all instances, she not only captures the most important elements of the dialogue, but adds clarity and depth in a very powerful, beautiful, creative manner. She links aspects of the dialogue that often aren’t even evident to the participants. Sara doesn’t just visually capture the conversation, she is a silent contributor at the highest level and gifted facilitator as well. Her generosity, humility, depth of understanding and brilliance bring so much additional value to our work.

Darcy Winslow - President & Co-Founder, Academy for Systems Change

Sara takes an idea and makes it come to life

Whether it’s working on-site as a graphic facilitator or doing prep work for an event, Sara takes an idea, builds on it with you, and makes it come to life visually. She truly understands the concept of collaboration.  I have worked with Sara for many years and am always thrilled to have her as part of our team. She listens effectively and is willing to step in and do whatever it takes to help us meet our objectives. Sara is easy to work with and the final product is always outstanding.

LeAnne Grillo - Partner, Spaces for Change

Sara is instinctive, flexible, attentive and simply a pleasure to work with

What a difference a single individual with a handful of markers can make — if you are considering including a graphic recorder or facilitator for your next meeting or strategic discussion, go no further. Sara is instinctive, flexible, attentive and simply a pleasure to work with. She connects with everyone in the room and enables all participants to seek clarity around a topic with the stroke of her hand. In a nutshell: I strongly recommend Sara; she is a great consulting partner!

Joy Taylor — Owner, TayganPoint Consulting Group

Sara's skill flows from an ability to listen deeply

In the spring of 2019, Sara participated in our staff retreat, providing real-time graphic facilitation during our sessions. Her visual representations of our goals, concepts and relationships were so much more nuanced and alive than words on a page. Sara’s skill lies not just in drawing striking pictures; it flows from an ability to listen deeply, hone in on the essence of what people are struggling to articulate and recreate emerging patterns in a different medium. Sara’s participation was a great reminder that we all understand the world and express that understanding in different ways. This was an important contribution to the success of our retreat.

John Cawley, Vice-President, McConnell Foundation

Graphic Recording is like brain mapping on steroids!

After 3 days working with Sara facilitating a global environmental meeting I was amazed at how she managed to take often dry material and make it come alive.  Participants contributed more enthusiastically and appeared to take more pride in their contributions.  I used to think that brain mapping was one of the greatest achievements in group thinking in the past decade.  Graphic Recording is like brain mapping on steroids!  It will be hard to go back to conventional facilitating after watching Sara at work.

Rod Stilwell - President, Uni-Signal Development

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